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Mrs. · Smith

"baaaaah" says frank...

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iheartsteveburns: morning
SpoonStolen: hey:-)
iheartsteveburns: how are you?
SpoonStolen: groovey
SpoonStolen: you?
iheartsteveburns: just woke up
SpoonStolen: nice
iheartsteveburns: when someone tells you they woke up in a good mood and they took some time to think about things that usually a bad sign huh
SpoonStolen: oh boy
iheartsteveburns: lmao
iheartsteveburns: i figured
iheartsteveburns: ryan i'm destined to marry you....it seems every guy i come across is so fucking dumb
iheartsteveburns: how can a person work so fucking hard to get me
iheartsteveburns: and then all of a sudden have second thoughts
iheartsteveburns: that concept doesn't work with me
SpoonStolen: who would it for?
iheartsteveburns: :shrugs: there has to be one or two dumb bitches out there
SpoonStolen: more than that
iheartsteveburns: grrrrrrrrr he went idle and didn't answer my question
iheartsteveburns: this is one of the reasons i was thinking of going lez
iheartsteveburns: it's not like it would be that hard of a transition
SpoonStolen: youd miss the cock
iheartsteveburns: not too much
iheartsteveburns: i've only had good sex from like one person
SpoonStolen: thats a damn shame
SpoonStolen: think about all the things youd miss out on!
iheartsteveburns: well....i've slept with 9 people and only one could get it really right, that doesn't give me hope for the rest of the population
SpoonStolen: you going les would be such a waste
iheartsteveburns: how so?
SpoonStolen: you obviously were built mentally and physically for male enjoyment
iheartsteveburns: uhm....
iheartsteveburns: mentally they just give me a headache
iheartsteveburns: and thanks to a handy dandy dildo i don't need a real dick
iheartsteveburns: and plus it seems lately all guys want to do is stick it up my ass anyway
iheartsteveburns: they can go get themselves a guy and have a balll
iheartsteveburns: they won't miss me
SpoonStolen: hahaha
SpoonStolen: i guess you avoid the cum mess with the dildo to
iheartsteveburns: eh ::shruggs:: cum is fun
SpoonStolen: ?!
SpoonStolen: lol
SpoonStolen: im yer man then
SpoonStolen: lol
iheartsteveburns: lmao
SpoonStolen: <------over abundance
SpoonStolen: lol
iheartsteveburns: you just might have to be if i keep up my whole dating scoreboard keeps going the way it does
SpoonStolen: :-)
iheartsteveburns: my horoscope for today
iheartsteveburns: Wherever you are, the good times will start tonight. Yes, it seems a little early, and no, you don't usually behave this way. Isn't that wonderfully liberating? You go!
iheartsteveburns: :-\
iheartsteveburns: first off if i'm behaving bad, it's a normal thing
iheartsteveburns: and second off what am i going to do? have a jammy jam with my little brothers and sisters?
SpoonStolen: hahaha
iheartsteveburns: oh yea we'll get really bad
iheartsteveburns: ::sigh::
SpoonStolen: hahah
iheartsteveburns: i think my whole life is my own fault
iheartsteveburns: when i was younger i prayed everynight and said i would give anything for two things
iheartsteveburns: one
iheartsteveburns: to be pretty
iheartsteveburns: and two
iheartsteveburns: boobs
SpoonStolen: yer prayers were answered
SpoonStolen: lol
SpoonStolen: and then some
iheartsteveburns: so it seems
iheartsteveburns: but i think the price i have to pay is i can't actually be in any relationship
iheartsteveburns: and when i fall in love it won't be returned
iheartsteveburns: sounds about the right price to be for something superficial
iheartsteveburns: paid^
SpoonStolen: youve got plenty of time yet
SpoonStolen: we're still young
iheartsteveburns: true, but it makes you kinda skeptical when you can even get love from your family
SpoonStolen: its tuff to try to make you feel better when you keep knockin down anything like that i say
iheartsteveburns: that's why you're the best
iheartsteveburns: >>kiss<<
iheartsteveburns: thanks for trying
iheartsteveburns: i know i'm a pain in the ass to talk to
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shakker heights in the background on tv
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