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because i'm a genius and geniuses tend to do mysterious things that most people don't get i spilled half a pot of boiling water onto my stomach. i know, sometimes i surprise myself. lol. i'm fine, well i was fine until i looked at the mark this morning. yesterday it was pretty much fine and i just layed in bed after cooling it and then putting some ointment on it. but today it's all purple like and blistery and not cute at all. i have some in my belly button, but it isn't too bad. i think the only good thing that's come out of this is that i had to stay in my bed all day and with that i became bored and started to write a song. this my friends is not normal, because i'm not entirely secure of my writing skills without the company of one or more musical geniuses. unfortunately none of them were at hand. the song i wrote though, mysteriously has that bluesy vibe i've grown up with (well have surrounded my life in). this is the first song that i've written that isn't popish and i'm rather proud of it, though i don't think you would see the bluesyness of it by just reading the lyrics, but here they are anyway.

everything to me (what you expected?)

(verse 1)
so ms. thang,
here you are
was he what you expected?
thin white thighs
foolish lines
so easy to take those first steps
can't take him home
but you can't leave him alone
your love bloomed at 15
and here you are now,
he's got a child
you don't want to hurt
but it'll cost too much to leave

(chorus 1)
and he is everything
from his crooked smile, to that scent that drives me wild
but he's got his own thang
can't get back time, no, can't rewind

(verse 2)
so ms. thang,
here you are
was it what you expected?
we curse and scream,
say shit we don't mean
got me questioning our worth now
don't matter no more
cuz i'm going away
and seem you've got much to say
well i don't want to hear it
what's done is done
and we had our fun
so i'll leave, and you'll walk away

(chorus 2)
but he is everything
from the milkyway to the stupid things he says
but he's got his own thang
no room for me in his new family

(chorus 1 repeat 2x)

so ms. thang,
here you are,
what was you expectin?

it's a little rough, but over all i like the feel of it, and the way i sing it, it flows. hopefully i can find someone who can conjure up some blues music for me, that would be nice. nuff for now
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avril lavigne, happy ending stuck in my head.
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