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iheartsteveburns: my mom told us she was leaving
SpoonStolen: why
iheartsteveburns: well because me and my dad got into an argument, and he slapped me and it blew up and i suppose she's just tired of it
SpoonStolen: ay yay yay
iheartsteveburns: i dont' know if i can believe her though, that's the first time she's ever seen him slap me. matter of fact he
iheartsteveburns: he's never really started slapping me and shit like that until i got older
iheartsteveburns: but we've "left before" and we always come backl
iheartsteveburns: she was telling my little sister that anyone who wants to come can but if they want to stay with my dad because he has the house that's fine too, but not to think that her leaving is because she doesn't want us, it's just that she has to figure shit out and work something out

in my heart of hearts i want to believe her, but at the same time, i don't want her to be unhappy, and i know me being here is a big factor to our families unhappiness, but i can't do it anymore, i can't feel like shit and take the blame for it, i can't be miserable, i can't be talked to like a child who wouldn't know the difference so it doesn't matter...if i could i would run away, but lord knows where i would run away to. somebody somehting give me strength, because it seems i don't have enough of my own.
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dave matthews is serenading me right now....::sigh:: lol i swear one day i'm going to marry that man.

random babble

i finished my back peice design. i figured i would have something more intricate then just stars, but looks like that's what i'm going to be getting. it's going to hurt like a bitch though, because i don't want them to color them in, i just want the outline, and anyone who's gotten a tattoo can tell you the outline is the worst part.

open up my heaaaad and let me out-little baby! sorry that's my favorite part..lol

i have to get a touch up on my sparrow it looks like ass right now.

anna called me last night from the shore, i think she was a tad tipsy because her attention span was zero, she was talking to loud and she was babbling. i was jealous. lol.

i really really really want to go camping, but the whole outside part of it...i'm not sure about. i have about 20 skeeter bites and that was just from sitting outside.

anna's pissed off at me cuz i might now be able to spend new years with them even though i promised, but at the time i wasn't thinking i was going to join the coast guard either...so i don't know. i know she'll probably hold it against me forever...or until i bring a bottle of bacardi O. either way there will be a price to pay.

ok nothing else really to talk about. went shopping for dad yesterday and got nothing cept a hankering for more panties i won't wear and a white talored skirt.

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my entire body aches, and i'm tired from staying up thinking about this and that. i wish i could conjure up answers to all my questions...maybe that's the reason for the nightmares and the 630am wakeup calls, the restless nights, the bitchy mood swings...
lol. could answer it all. i don't know.
ha, ha...
i just don't know anymore
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tired tired
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some movie, crisitina playing the piano, mom talking..
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i just got a huge migrane....nick drives me crazy sometimes i swear, and at the same time i suppose i can't blame him now can i?


i'm sorry you want to be with me, and you care about me, and you think i'm so great, cuz i'm not....

i'm sorry i don't feel the same

i'm sorry you can talk to me and you relate to me and you think that we mesh so well

i'm sorry i think the same about someone else

i'm sorry i'm in love with someone else

i'm sorry it's a tragedy that i know i'll probably get nowhere with it, but keep it so close to my heart none the less.

i'm sorry sean tried to commit suicide

i'm sorry you had to be there to see it

i'm sorry you're so lonely and angry

i'm sorry

i am

i hope some of my tears is a sacrifice that might sufice.

i hope we can still be good friends.

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uncomfortable uncomfortable
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penny and me, hanson
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20.me:next time we'll just let the stupid bitch DIE! oh that was mean...i'm going to hell...lol

19.me:he WAS 103 though.....OOOOHHHH....
anna: you're a dumb ass
me:dave had me counting on my fingers LOL

18.i believe in a thing called love....doot doot dooot dooot doot....
you don't know the words do you?

17.Q:i have a britney spear doll, it's missing a leg it's bald it's got tons of pin cushions in it, it's hanging by it's neck, it's drawn on, but secertly....i love her

16.tim:there's some skevvy motherfucking people here.. (looks at me)
::looks around, sees noone else is in the room::
me:omg i think tim is going to kill me! ---and that kids is why you shouldn't do drugs lol

15.me:what can i say? i bring out the best in everyone!
anna: cum isn't the best part of people...
me:well it should be!

14.when you think down and raunchy sex you think dark and tan latinos you don't think irish...do they even reproduce? how do they do it? dr kayal.

13.davey:Here you can have my towel.
me:NO! thoughts of davey without a towel BAD!

12.mikey:this is you...
me:so i'm flat pepsi?

11.jessica:oh look at this i'm washing dishes that aren't mine!
me: jessica just....(silence)
later that month
victor:did you know jessica's moving out?

10.auto response from NoBoJen2001: Thanks for jinxing us, Danni & Anna! :-\

9.me:let's go into the dollar store, everything is a dollar
anna:we should get a price check...
me:excuse me how much is this?

8.erin: seriously i was just so scared...
awww poor thing...scared of little ol me? :D

7.me:omg my tit looks like it has leopardsy!

6.andy:girls enjoy sex?
me:uhm...yea....they do, and they can come too....
andy:they can do that?!!? i thought that was a guy thing!
me:why do you think women have sex?
andy:cuz they feel obligated.
me:oooh boy...

5.dr kayal:we'll give the prositiute a plus sign cuz we like her

4.me:what do you mean he was a virgin!!!

3.yea i was thinking more on the lines of finding porno and putting her face to some guys random cock and maybe have a little bit of cum coming from her lip!

2.anna:wait...you're telling me you were in his bed-
me:uh huh...
anna: and he kissed you
me: uh huh...
me: ok let's not rub it in
anna: you're an idiot
me: this i know

1.anna:we're all going to die!!!
me:no bitch YOU'RE going to die...you're the only white girl in the car...
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blah blah blah , so fucking bored, right now i would like a blunt, a big bowl of rice and beans and tostonies, a bathing suit that looks good, the new incubus cd, a shopping spree the way they were made to be, and a one way ticket back to jersey and a malta mmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhh..... i can't wait to get back there.....i'm going to make them put in my contract that i get stationed in ft dix. i can't wait till i buy my first house too, how crazy will that be?!? my mom made me laugh, she goes you'll have your own house and be settled by the time you're 25....i had to wait a whole lot longer for that shit! sorry mom? lol so yea, still have to plan the extent of the kidnap list. going to try to talk anna's parents into letting us take the truck with the rv. i think we should kidnap carrie, meg, tim, and i don't know. the only for sure person that knows they are getting kidnaped is davey (duct tape blind fold and handcuffs? kinky a bit? lmao). i've never been camping, like technical camping...and i don't think that's going to happen today either lol. but i do want to do the whole swimming and fishing and hiking and then go back to the rv and shower (together right? yea sure :P) eat taco bell we picked up and then watch a movie. (sigh) i'm so wilderness like lol. oh i'm so proud of me! i learned how to play twinkle twinkle little star on the guitar. damn one step closer to rock stardom lmao. steve was proud atleast lol. i'm also going to pick up another language, (and brush up on the one i do know lol), i was thinking french, because well it's sexy, but i was also thinking something possibly not as widely spoken, like russian, or i dont' know yet. anyway, gots to go take the skinny pills (rolls eyes) and my vitamins and junk. go for a jog, eat small breakfast and then head off to the library (yay for boring shit ya gotta do! :\) anyway ttfn

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blah blah
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the kids talking over the sound of bruce almighty
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i almost burned the house down by putting a bag of cheese to close to the stove i come back to the kitchen and the bags on fire...
i knew i smelled smoke.
* * *
i love that song, even though the fact that it's a bunch of white boys makes me laugh like crazy.
so yea...we had an hour long conversation, and because i'm a loser i think that's awsome and i was blushing like crazy of course.
if i could bottle what that boy makes me feel i would sell it the masses and make millions. i'd be bigger the oprahs ass before she goes on a diet.
OK i'm gonna finish this later cuz now i'm in a dancing mood and britney spears (say with a lisp....lisp grrrr....) is on and now my ass has the need to be shook. :D
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i need to toke...
i joined the airforce
i'll be leaving in the fall time oct-dec...
i think i was suppose to do this
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yayayayayay! mom bought the kit again which means the sex toy selling will no commence...again! yay! lol i need the extra cash and on top of that how can you not have fun selling a dildo? i mean come on! lol. anyway hopefully i get this shitty job at walmart, i'm running out of options...i'm trying to push publix too, which means i can work there at night and walmart during the day and get my healthy 3 hours of sleep i'm so good at :D and on my days off i can push party gals, yay! i figured out a plan for me and i think everything might go well now, i was actually happy last night, today i'm just tired, but it's all good. and i found my plastic..yayay! speaking of plastic i go to the drs soon to see about my breast reduction. i'm not sure about this... i like my titties, and will i be titty anymore if my titties are the biggest on the block? that might sux... well ttfn lol
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